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5 years ago
13 months ago
Skype Me™!

United States
English / English
Esperanto / Esperanto
I finally had to change my points charged because so many people were bothering me. Drives me crazy.
About me: I live in Michigan, near (but not in) Detroit. I am in tech support. I was born about 55 km from Chicago, Illinois. I attended the University of Illinois, and got a degree from the University of Phoenix.

I could be wrong, but it seems this site was inspired by couchsurfing and I am on that as well. If I can couchsurf in your country, come there and teach English, please let me know.

As of now, if I chat with you, I am looking for references, and to document my time.

I have only studied French and Italian. I only speak English. Sorry if that was confusing. But I enjoying hearing from people.

I would like to learn to teach conversational English, then more formal English. I want to try to become an English teacher and travel the world. I enjoy meeting people this way.
Also I am interested in Internet Protocol Version 6, in your country. Let's all hook up using IPv6!
Hourly Rate : Free